Based in Toronto, Kalendar formed in late 2013 to extend the ancient singing traditions of rural Ukraine into a contemporary and relevant transnational urban practice. Taking time to study with great performers (Marichka Marcyk and Dakha Brakha) the 5 singers of Kalendar embrace the stylistics details of “Ridnyj Holos.” We have performed in and around Toronto, at many community events and festivals, such as Toronto’s Ukrainian Festival or Ottawa’s Capital Ukrainian Festival. Our most rewarding work to date occurred in the spring of 2017: with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council, the Shevchenko Foundation, and the Ukrainian Credit Union, Kalendar commissioned and premiered Marichka Marcyk’s original multi-media work, ZEMLYA/EARTH: A Ukrainian Folk Opera to a sold-out audience at Toronto’s St Vladimir Institute. Whether it be an elaborate stage performance or a folkloric collaboration with Kosa Kolektiv, according to Ukie Daily, Kalendar’s performances are known to “transplant you deep in a rural Ukrainian village.”
Our group naturally evolved from the folk singing nights Kosa Kolektiv hosted. The specific vocal timbre which we strive for is known in Ukrainian singing culture as “ridnyj holos” – meaning “the people’s voice.” As there are very few practitioners of this style of singing in our neck of the woods, we feel that we are “the people” here to do it and keep it going.
By the way, we recently changed the spelling of our name from KalynDar to Kalendar. This seems especially appropriate since our repertoire follows the seasons. So please don’t get confused if some older posts use the original spelling.

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“Chy Vdoma Vdoma” a carol off of KalynDar’s CD Sichen’. To hear more, visit our media page.