Most Memorable Moment in 2017

On May 18 2017, Kalendar went to stage for its first performance of ZEMLYA / EARTH ! It was a great success! And how grateful we are to all those who supported this event and made it such a memorable event! From our amazingly generous and inspired musical muse, Marichka Marczyk — to the technical support we got from Oksana Howrylak (stage and graphic design), Mark Marczyk (spirited violin, other earthy instruments, and so much more), Dina Levin (video and good good vibes), Marichka’s brother (who also worked on the video), William Porter (sound), Ellen (lighting), Katya Kudriavceva (brilliant ticket logistician) — to the financial support from the Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario, the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, the Shevchenko Foundation, the Shevchenko Museum in Toronto (for rehearsal space), Toronto’s St.Vladimir Institute (for rehearsal and performance space!), all the wonderful audience who came to the show, and all those who helped us along the way – none of this could have happened without you! Though we tried, there are not enough words to express how such support has inspired the creative and unique experience we had that evening. It feeds our memories and drives us to develop ZEMLYA /EARTH so that we can share more of this incredibly powerful women’s tradition of Ukrainian polyphonic song.

Have a look at the teaser video created from video and audio footage of the premier:

And below, have a look at more media (Facebook posts) of this memorable evening – thanks to St Vladimir Institute and Anna Ha.



We also want to graciously acknowledge Andrew Timar of Whole Note who wrote a wonderful preview of our production in the May issue. Click the image to read the whole article, Timar’s articles are always informative and engaging.

Zemlya in Whole Note Magazine May 2017